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Revenue Management Workshop

Based on your hotel type you will breakout with hoteliers of the like for this combination of dialogue, self-discovery and application to cover topics like:

  • Leveraging WH&R distribution channels

  • E-Commerce and digital marketing best practices

  • Impact of social media on revenue

  • Challenges of revenue management

                                                                                           ...And much more!

Property Management Systems

Make the most of your Property Management System with our "Top 5 Things to Know About SynXis/EzLITE" and "OPERA Revenue Management" breakout sessions, where our systems experts will walk you through everything there is to know about your Property Management System and answer any challenging questions you may have. 

Revenue Generation Meet Up

During this luncheon event you will learn more about Wyndham Hotels & Resorts teams and partners that can help you generate revenue at your hotel. Meet and network with our subject matter experts, and use your personalized dashboard to identify property-specific action items that can positively impact your hotel’s revenue.

Benchmarking and Financial Analysis

How can an asset manager be confident that revenue and expense levels are reasonable? And what profitability ratios indicate an efficient operation versus one that needs further improvement? Benchmarking is necessary in order to assess an existing hotel's performance, enhance its profitability, and assist in the asset management process. During this session, we will examine how to perform benchmarking and financial analysis tasks that will help you maximize your hotel’s performance.

GM Fundamentals (for Pioneers and Rising Stars)

So you just became a General Manager… now what? This session will take you through the role of a GM in managing the entire hotel operation and help you categorize and prioritize all of your key responsibilities as a GM.

The goal of this session is for you to experience essential areas of your hotel , working in teams to share knowledge and insights that you will apply to help you complete important duties.  Best of all, you will craft a personalized plan for accomplishing your duties, using organizational and time management strategies. 

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