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Hotel Sales Workshop

Explore a multi-layered approach to selling for your hotel’s specific market segment. We’ll provide tools, best-practices and strategies to create a competitive sales plan for your hotel.

Discover local and global sales strategies you can apply at your hotel to help support your strategic revenue plan. Among the topics discussed are:

  • Sales vs marketing

  • Your Market Segment

  • Trends in buying an selling

  • WH&R tools to help you compete

  • Connecting with GSO

A Day in the Life (for Pioneers and Rising Stars)

So you just became a General Manager… now what? This session will take you through the role of a GM in managing the entire hotel operation and help you categorize and prioritize all of your key responsibilities as a GM.

The goal of A Day in the Life is for you to experience essential areas of your hotel, working in teams to share knowledge and insights that you will apply to help you complete important duties. Best of all, you will craft a personalized plan for accomplishing your duties, using organizational and time management strategies. 

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