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Did you already complete your General Manager Certification?

We are sorry our records are out of date…

If you already attended either Hospitality Management Program, Executive Leader Orientation (ELO), Strategic Training for Exceptional Performance (STEP), or RightSTART your hotel may be compliant with our training requirement – we just need a copy of your Certificate of Completion to verify your hotel’s training compliance status.

Please provide a copy of the Certificate of Completion issued by Wyndham University on the last day of class.

  1. Email your certificate to

  2. Don’t forget to include the following information when you send us your certificate:

    • Brand and site# of the hotel you are currently General Manager of

    • Brand and site# of the hotel you were employed by at the time you attended

    • Any additional brands and site#’s for which you are the General Manager (if any)

Please note: if you completed your General Manager Certification more than five (5) years ago and have moved to another hotel, your certification is no longer valid and you are required to attend Hospitality Management Program.

If a copy of the certificate is NOT available, please complete the form below and click submit when done:

Success! Message received.

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